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        ABOUT US

        Purpose of Enterprise culture construction

        "Enterprise culture cast soul, behavior concept model body, improve the quality of team, promote the development of company."



        Mission of the Enterprise

        Carrying enterprising spirit of first forklift manufacturing, revitalize China forklift manufacturing, arouse all our efforts to make our country prosperous and brilliant.

        Tenet of the Enterprise

        Provide best quality products to our client.Strive for leading position of our industry.Carrying enterprising spirit of first self-produced forklift history.Arouse all our efforts to make our country prosperous and brilliant.

        Philosophy of the Enterprise

        Truth seeking, pragmatic, innovate

        Spirit and belief of the enterprise

        Do not give up , force effort to create perfect team.Commit customer demand, pursuit customer perfection, satisfy customer need, achieve mutual benefit and create win-win situation.

        Core value of the enterprise & our vision

        Customer satisfaction,employee satisfaction,stockholder satisfaction,social satisfaction.