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        The celebration of the 2013 spring festival annual is hold in Shangri-la


        Banquethall on the third floor of Dalian Shangri-la is decorated with lights and streamers, full of joy and happy. The long-await 2013 spring festival is held ceremoniously on Feb 7th 17:18. The joyful smiling faces are just like flowers blooming. Everyone of Dalian Forklift shows his pride and glory to all.
        The Banquet?hall of Shangri-la is brilliant and magnificent. In order to congratulate, members of Dalian Standing Committee Wang Jigang, Former deputy mayor of Dalian Bai Yuxiang, Secretary-General of Dalian enterprise association? Yu Jie, secretary of Gan Jingzi district Non-public-owned enterprise working committee Yue Wei, vice secretary of Gan Jingzi district Non-public-owned enterprise working committee Cui Hongli, Dalian Municipal?Meteorological?Bureau, Liaoning Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and many other competent department, also YONYOU and some cooperation enterprises come to celebrate and enjoy the banquet together with all the staff of Dalian Forklift.
        The bright red scarf which crews specially prepared catches everybody’s eyes, Ritual?girl offers red scarf to every VIP at VIP entrance and their blessing of thriving and good luck. 

        Prelude of 2013 spring festival annual begins with a flashdance named “sorry sorry”
        by post-80s boys at17:28. Four hosts debut after the dance, the name of them is Zheng Xue from production department, Wang Yanan from management department, Lu Meng and Yu Shijia from development department. They stand on the stage of natural and graceful, showing new employees’ versatility to all the guests and staff.

        Chairman Meng Xiangting makes a speech firstly to welcome and thank the guests, gives best regards to all staff and their family members for New Year, also shows his grateful to all the help from the public and the great effort of all staff and their family members. Chairman Meng grabs a drink full of blessing and toast with all the staff.

        After that, the banquet and performance begin formally. Staff from different departments arrange and act all kinds of programs by themselves, including songs, dancing, opusculum, cosplay, instrument playing and special funny dwarf dancing, and the audience give warm applause and cheers. The whole atmosphere reaches to the climax with laughter combined with interspersed with all kinds of interactive games and lucky draw.

        Annual excellent employee debut and win the rewards. Their family members are treated as VIP and stare them with fulfillment. Five masses and party members stand out in “gold-idea collection” activity organized by party committee, and they become the focus when they stand on the Medals podium. There is simply truth in their words and their obscure stories are filled with dedication. They are the mode of model and worthy our learning. 

        “We are the family; we are the family who love each other; we get together because of fate; we cherish each other by heart; so why let the dark clouds cover the eyes. We are the family; we are the family who love each other; we should share the blessing to each other; we should share the difficulty with each other; let’s get together forever……” This melodious song lingers around the Banquet?hall. The chorus of the ERP team draws a satisfactory full stop for the banquet and also a special symbol is marked in each employee's mind, this symbol named warm.
        The annual ends, but the development of Dalian Forklift in 2013 is just beginning. We have the confidence to believe that there will be a new look in Dalian Forklift in a brand new year. Stepping forward hand by hand, everything will become much better.